Properties to suit most party sizes & budgets. Our houses are set in rural and coastal locations making them ideal for Wedding Receptions, House Party Weekends, Family Gatherings, Holidays, Hen Do's, Stag Parties, Conferences & Corporate Events.
Properties to suit most party sizes & budgets. Our houses are set in rural and coastal locations making them ideal for Wedding Receptions, House Party Weekends, Family Gatherings, Holidays, Hen Do's, Stag Parties, Conferences & Corporate Events.

Terms & Conditions

Below are the Terms & Conditions of Classic Country Houses and all properites within the collection. Any and all payments made towards a booking are acceptance of the terms and conditions. 

Classic Country Houses Terms & Conditions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do we secure the date for our booking?
  • A. To secure your date you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit, which varies depending on the property
  • Q. When do I pay the rest of the rental fee?
  • A. The remaining rental balance is due 3 months prior to arrival along with the payment of the refundable damage deposit
  • Q. If I want / need to visit the property before we book is this possible?
  • A. Yes we can arrange site visits but these do need to be pre-booked via our booking office. If your event requires a risk assesment this must be done prior to booking the property
  • Q. What time can we get into the property? And what time do we have to depart?
  • A. Arrival time is 4pm. Departure time is 4pm, where possible, this time may vary due to same day change over and helpers may need access to start the cleaning process, in the case of The Old Vicarage, during peak times departure will be 10am
  • Q. What happens on arrival?
  • A. Prior to your arrival we will send you a welcome letter detailing the location of the property, full postal address and directions together with details of the key code to the key box so you can gain access to the property
  • Q. How do we decide who goes into which bedroom?
  • A. We will provide a bedroom configuration form by email. You will be required to complete it and return it to us by email two weeks prior to your arrival date
  • Q. What will be in the welcome pack?
  • A. The welcome pack will include information on the property during your stay
  • Q. Will the heating, hot water and Aga be turned on?
  • A. Yes, they will be on ready for your arrival
  • Q. Will cleaning materials be provided?
  • A. There will be an initial supply of washing up liquid, polish, dishwasher powder, washing detergent, bleach and disinfectant, there will also be a supply of toilet rolls, kitchen towels, cling wrap and foil. Toiletry items will be provided in each room of shower gel, shampoo and soap
  • Q. Will there be a coffee maker?
  • A. Yes all properties have cafeterias
  • Q. What facilities do you have for babies?
  • A. All properties have a least one cot and one high chair, however we cannot guarantee there will be facilities available for the preparation of baby food i.e. Liquidiser
  • Q. Does the property have Internet access?
  • A. Yes - free wireless
  • Q. Are we allowed to have fireworks?
  • A. Yes fireworks are allowed in most properties, with the exception of Hyde Park Gardens Mews. You must use the designated area within the site and adhere to the local authorities’ time constraints, all fireworks must be done by an authorised supplier that has completed a site recce ahead of the arrival dates and sign off from the owner
  • Q. Are temporary structures permitted?
  • A. Yes but only by consent of the owner in writing and subject to site fees at the owners discression 
  • Q. Are we allowed to have loud music?
  • A. Yes providing it is turned off at 1am, (however due to the location of Brockington Hall there is no specific time)
  • Q. Is smoking allowed?
  • A. No, all our properties are strictly Non-Smoking, any evidence that this rule has been broken will incur a charge of £600
  • Q. Are we responsible for security?
  • A. Yes it is important that you ensure your guests are aware of the need to secure doors and gates. In particular, Park Hall has gate access onto the site to protect the livestock; their well-being is of great importance. In the event of them entering the garden areas and causing damage or escaping onto the highways, costs maybe incurred and will be chargeable
  • Q. Can we have our own caterers?
  • A. Definitely yes, local contact details can be provided for all properties please do let us know and we will send you full details across
  • Q. What happens if we have a major problem?
  • A. You will have a welcome letter, which will give you a contact number in the case of emergencies for the local housekeeper
  • Q. What happens if something is damaged or broken?
  • A. The cost of cleaning, repair or replacement will be charged as appropriate and deducted from the security deposit
  • Q. Who is responsible for the tidying up at the end of the stay?
  • A. We would ask that you leave the property as you will have found it your arrival, all washing up done, all cutlery, crockery and glassware to be returned to the cabinets or place of storage they were taken from
  • Q. Where do we dispose of the rubbish?
  • A. You are responsible for the removal of all rubbish at the end of your stay. Each property has specific instruction with regard to the local rules on rubbish and recycling, failure to comply with this instruction may result in fines, which will be chargeable
  • Q. Where do we leave the keys on departure?
  • A. Each set will have a room key, front door key and a nametag. It is the responsibility of the lead person to ensure all the keys are returned to a designated place and one set used to lock up and returned through the letterbox. Any lost keys will be charged and deducted from the security deposit
  • Q. Do we need event or wedding insurance?
  • A. Although it’s not required for every property we would recommend taking out event/ wedding insurance to cover your stay and provide you with piece of mind
  • Q. Are we covered in the event of an accident?
  • A. You must be satisfied that you have the appropriate insurance cover when taking part in dangerous sports. Classic Country Houses cannot be held liable in the case of damage or accidents. We will provide a safety briefing and equipment prior to any activity. In the case of Clay Pigeon Shooting at Park Hall it is vital that all participants follow the instructions of the Shoot Captain and his representatives, this includes those who are only watching, and they will be required to stand in a designated area and avoid causing a distraction to those who are shooting
  • Q. When do we have to pay the damage deposit?
  • A. The damage deposit is payable 3 months prior to arrival when the final balance for the stay is also due for your rental
  • Q. When do we get our damage deposit refunded?
  • A. Within 14 days by bank transfer, following your stay subject to there being no costs regarding damages etc. The lead person must provide their bank details in advance
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